Tag: Linux

  • Learn SSH: Config File

    In this article series, I will explain how to use a command-line terminal to connect to secure shell (SSH) servers, using the config file for quick access to frequently used servers, and setting up an SSH server on macOS, Ubuntu, or CentOS. Table of Contents: – Introduction– SSH CLI Commands– SSH Config File SSH config file makes […]

  • What is my gateway address?

    Choosing a gateway address on Linux machines is an easy task to perform. Let’s consider a network consisting of three Linux machines as Figure 1 shows.  Let’s consider following subnet and IP addresses: Subnet 1:, IP Address 1:, and IP address 2: Subnet 2: and IP Address 3: Subnet 3: , […]

  • Asymmetric Static Routing Network using Ubuntu Machines

    In asymmetric routing, data packets take different paths to go from source to destination and to come back [source].  To set up an asymmetric network on Linux machines running Ubuntu 16.04, first, we need to configure the systems to act as routers. Let’s consider a network of 3 hosts and 3 routers as Figure 1 […]